California Science Center

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california science center


Coco’s, Silver Lake District, LA

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to paraphrase… In an otherwise nondescript industrial street in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake district there’s a store called Coco’s and it’s quite unlike any other retail establishment I’ve ever seen. The storefront’s facade is a brightly colored Trompe l’Oeil depicting a tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, a lagoon, and a jug of “agua pura” floating in the sky. There’s also a painting of a red Kit-Cat Klock, with a notice that Coco’s is the headquarters for the venerable timepieces.

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from boing boing (thanks John)

When you walk into Coco’s, the multifarious array of products on the shelves, the counters, the floor, and the ceiling is dizzying. As Mister Jalopy, Coco’s proprietor, writes on the store’s “Coco’s Variety sells flyswatters, glass five-gallon water bottles, headache remedies, oil cloth by the yard, used bicycles, California souvenir tablecloths, Kit-Cat Klocks, gumballs, Mexican Cokes in glass bottles, squirt guns, tote bags adorned with hula girls, Lodge cast iron frying pans, old American-made tools, baskets for your bicycle, wood matches, reverse osmosis purified drinking water by the gallon and fancy Jadeite cake plates for fancy cakes on fancy occasions.”

Leucadia, north of San Diego

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“LEUCADIA is the last hippie town in Southern California,” declared Carolyn Jopes, sitting across from me at the Pannikin Cafe on a sunny summer afternoon. Perched on the edge of Highway 101, the cafe is housed in the former Encinitas station of the Santa Fe Railroad, built in 1888. Its lofty, mellow-yellow facade calls to passers-by: “What’s the hurry? Stop driving and hang out.”

From the NY Times American Journeys

Ms. Jopes, 63, was telling me about her escape from Washington some 20 years ago. “When I heard the word Leucadia,” she said, “it sounded so dreamlike, I said, ‘I want to live there.’ ” Fit and with flowing gray hair, she surfs nearly every day.