How I feel now on the plane with 5 hrs & 35 mins to go
Tired but I can’t get to sleep
Sore and stiff
Can’t wait to watch movies
Very very very very very very very excited to go to America
The plane trip is smooth
I have watched the following movies: Brave, Chronicle, Lorax, this means war, The three stooges, The pirates, The avengers.
The lights are good looking on the plane – kind of greeny blue over lockers
Small movie screen
People snoring
Babies shouting
In Sydney it’s 9.30 but up here it’s early morning with a few hours till dawn
The toilet is a bit loud
Not enough food!!!

Better get some shut eye but I can’t stop typing uernfherfbchbfuhdbfihvbdfuhvbdifbihdfbvihdbfuibehffvbfhbvvhfbvhfbvhfbvhfbvihdbfcdfichdfiguycbceifydnijhey7)3(7347;6?376;(7;;67(?:.76,u6rdtfctryfc5.6;.(6.6;.
Irish iheixhcvijviudciub7)/,7)/,:76(3:

See what the spell check thinks of that HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
Must be going mad
Signing off like a bad smell or Dads beard (dead cat smell)


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