Our strange home

This place is crammed with occult, gnostic, qabalistic, gothic, romantic, tantric, buddhist, christian and classical books and pictures, along with swords, stupors, candelabras, skulls, psychedelic and punk records, crystals, ornaments, a bass guitar, keyboard and amp, art deco egyptian furniture, broken chairs and even a collection of movie cameras in the kitchen. Its not dusty or skanky, but its a bit forlorn and shaggy in a tired rather than unloved way. There’s no couch, dining table, kitchen counters. Yesterday the bath leaked into the downstairs apartment and the landlord had to silicone up the wall tiles. It’s in a great location, which is also forlorn, dusty and shaggy in a kind of former soviet states way, but amazing none the less. Micki, the tenant here, is an artist, film maker and musician with an interest in, as he terms it, ‘Arthurian’ art along with the dark arts, religion, romantic poetry, magic and tantric sex.

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